Pricing of single cards

The prices on our website can change multiple times per week (or even per day)

As most Pokemon card collectors will know, prices of Pokemon cards can differ drastically over time. This means that a card can be worth €10 one day, and a couple weeks later be worth €20. We will always try to provide fair and competitive prices for single cards, and by comparing our prices to other stores on a weekly basis, we try to come up with the best price for a card.

Because of this, the price for a single card can become more or less expensive over time

This means, if you see a card for a good price, make sure to order it as quickly as possible to make sure you get it for that price. The other way around is also possible; do you see a card that is a little too expensive for you right now? Make sure to return to the website in a couple days as the price might drop!